Emergency Flood Products

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Emergency Flood Products

Emergency Flood Products

Surface water flooding can happen at any time and is especially dangerous when the ground is extremely dry. When there has been a drought the ground is very hard and due to this, will be unable to soak away vast amounts of water. This is when surface water flooding is most likely to happen & emergency flood products are essential to be on standby.

Flooding in different conditions

Dr Robert Thompson completed experiments at different times of the year showing how drought affects the grounds ability to soak in water.

The example to the left shows 3 cups of water being turned upside down at 3 different times, in different heat conditions.

It shows very clearly the risk of heavy rainfall following a dry summer, showing the ground cannot drain water away as effectively as other times of the year. So even in summer we can have devastating floods.

We can supply a number of emergency flood products, including non return valves, anti flood airbricks, osmo flood “snake” & Floodsax which will greatly decrease the chance and flow and flood water entering the property, giving residents time to make arrangements.

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