Flooding is expected for Cumbria residents

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Flooding is expected for Cumbria residents

Flood Warning Ulverston

A flood warning has been issued for Cumbria residents, from Dragley Beck Bridge on Well Lane downstream to South Ulverston.

Flood warning areas are: Dragley and Lund Becks at Rydal Road, Watery Lane, Fitz Bridge, Morecambe Road, Rope Walk and parts of South Ulverston at Low Mill Bridge, South View Farm and Outcast.

Heavy rain has been forecast for parts Lancashire and Cumbria over the next two weeks, putting more pressure on already full waterways and sewers.

It’s always better to prevent flooding than react to flooding after the event, flooding can cause thousands of pounds of damage to property and possessions. Floodsafe Projects can offer a wide range of flood protection from anti-flood airbricks, aluminium demountable barriers, composite barriers, FloodSax, inflatable barriers, pumps, earth bunds, flood walls and much more.

If you require flood products please have a look at our products page 

If you would like to speak to someone about protection options please contact us on 0800 999 5355.



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