Disastrous Floods In Northern Italy

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Disastrous Floods In Northern Italy

Our hearts go out to those effected by the recent floods in Italy.


Nine people have died and thousands have been evacuated from their homes. This comes after heavy storms wreaked havoc and caused flooding in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.


The heavy rain, which caused 21 rivers to break their banks, saw 9 people die and thousands evacuated. The Grand Prix, planned for this weekend has been cancelled to reduce traffic to the struggling area.

It’s reported that some areas received half their average annual rainfall in just 36 hours, putting pressure on existing watercourses.



In Castel Bolognese, a town of around 9,000 people, the mayor said there was no electricity and many families were running out of food. The same area that was hit by floods earlier this month. “Two weeks ago we had a flood and we were left to believe it happens once every 100 years.” Luca Della Godenza said.







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