Demountable Flood Barrier

What are demountable flood barriers

Demountable flood barriers are commonly used in residential and commercial flood mitigation to protect doors and access points from flooding. Rather than build a permanent flood wall that can reduce access and alter the landscape, demountable flood barriers are only erected in flood risk situations. This means in normal situations the scenery is unaffected and can be enjoyed by the public. This ensures the aesthetics of the area or your property are maintained.


Demountable flood barriers are also called removeable flood barriers. Removable flood barriers have aluminium panels which slide into two upright fixings. The upright fixings are permanently fixed into a solid wall, however the span between the two upright fixings is clear. This ensures an access point or view is unobstructed in normal conditions. This is commonly used in loading bays and garages, but also on river or tidal banks.

Advantages of demountable Flood Barriers

Demountable flood barriers are made from aluminium, making them robust and reliable. The benefit of manufacturing in aluminium is the boards can be made to any width required, and with the use of demountable posts can be extended to any length. There are a range of heights available, from 200mm – 2000mm.


The demountable flood barrier can incorporate 90 degree demountable posts, which means you can create flood bunds around assets or compounds around doors. By building a compound around a door with flood barriers, you can allow for access to the door even in a flood situation. This is common when installing flood barriers around fire doors or main entrances.


The demountable posts sit within a 150mm diameter hole, which is 300mm deep. This is core drilled out of the ground, and an aluminium insert left in the hole with a ground cap. The ground cap ensures the ground is level and no trip hazard.

Common Uses of Demountable Flood Barriers

The benefit of aluminium flood barriers is they are versatile and can be used on any property (residential or commercial). The most common use of demountable flood barriers are:

The demountable flood barriers can also be used against tidal surges.

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How many demountable posts do I need?

The demountable post is required depends on the type of system. The standard demountable flood barrier requires a demountable post every 1.8m. The heavy duty version is thicker, and therefore can withstand greater pressures and requires a demountable post every 2.4m.

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