How do I protect my house from flooding?

What are demountable flood barriers

We often get asked how to protect your house from flooding?  Flood barriers are the No. 1 way to give you peace of mind that your home is protected from flooding. Flooding of your home can be devastating, leading to months of turmoil and disruption to your life. The majority of flood events in the UK are flash flooding, which means the flood water affects the property for a short period of time (usually less than 24 hours). In this situation a flood barriers are something you can quickly grab and deploy to prevent flood damage to your home and valuable possessions.


The type of flood barrier on your home will depend on the size of the aperture, so you may need a different flood barrier for a door compared to a flood barrier for a garage.

The type of flood barrier and options available will change depending on the width of the door and the height of flood protection required.


This guide is aims to provide you with an overview of all the considerations for flood barriers for your house. The guide will review doors, garages and driveways, the three most common area flood barriers are used on a home.


Flood Barriers for Doors

A Flood Barrier is a removable flood defence product, which can be quickly deployed if there is a flood warning in your local area. The barrier slides into two permanent upright channels, which will be fixed to the wall either side of your door. When required, a flood gate can be quickly installed by sliding the barrier panels into the upright channels and locking into place.

Measuring Flood Barriers

The first step to determine which flood barrier is suitable for your door is to measure the width. To take the measurement you should take the brick to brick measurement i.e. from the outer edge of the door frame where it meets the wall.  If the door width is under 1.5m, you will have the option of an aluminium flood gate or a composite flood gate. If the door width is over 1.5m, your only option would be an aluminium flood barrier. The reason is the aluminium barrier is a stronger and more robust material, and can therefore withstand greater water pressures than composite flood barriers.

Does the door open in or out? 

One thing to consider is whether the door opens in or opens out. If the door opens in, then the flood barrier should be fit externally. If the door opens out, then we would recommend fitting the barrier inside the door. If you are fitting the flood gate inside your home, you need to make sure you are fixing to is solid wall i.e. not plaster board. Check there is sufficient space and no obstructions on the side of the door where the barrier will be fit. You may also want to consider whether you will deploy the barriers when you go on holiday. If you are going to install them when you are away, then you may want to consider having the barriers fit internally so passer-by’s do not know that your house is empty.

Where will the upright channel fix to the wall?  

You can fix the upright channels on the face of the wall or in the reveal where the door sits.

How high can I have a flood gate?  

The next step is to think about the required flood protection height. Composite flood gates only come in 600mm high panels, where as aluminium flood barriers are available in 200mm or 400mm high increments. In the UK, the recommended flood gate standard is 600mm high, however this may not be suitable in all situations. For example, you may suffer when storm water causes drains to overflow, and you only need a 200mm barrier to deflect the flood water away from your house. In this situation, an aluminium barrier may be more suitable. In some circumstances you may require a flood barrier over 600mm high. For example, your door may be below ground level. In this situation, you would need to install an aluminium flood barrier, which can be manufactured up to 1600mm high.

Flood Barrier Uses

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