Steel Flood Doors: Protect Commercial or Utility Sites From Flooding

Steel Flood Doors: Protect Commercial or Utility Sites From Flooding

Steel flood doors are a versatile flood mitigation product, offer passive flood protection to a range of buildings. The benefit of steel flood doors is they can be easily customizable to any RAL colour and can be designed with solid or glass panels.

They can be installed in a variety of circumstances, from residential basements to commercial buildings.

Another benefit for a homeowner or business is that steel flood doors provide protection to your property simply by closing the door. No further action is required, which means when you leave the building you have peace of mind your building is protected from flooding.

For restaurants and bars, the steel doors provide a robust solution that can withstand the constant use by the public. The door can incorporate any RAL colour and glass panels, which means the door can be designed to blend in to the aesthetic look and feel of your premises.


Steel flood doors can:

1. Provide full height flood protection, so they can be suitable to protect basements and underground assets from flooding.

2. Incorporate range of locking mechanisms to ensure your property is secure.

3. Passive protection with self close engage, ensuring the door can close by itself and requires no human intervention reducing the risk of error.


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